Thursday, 15 September 2011


So today I am having one of my favourite kind of days. I have been alternating between catching up with my blog reading, crocheting some pretty flowers from a pattern on Attic 24's gorgeous blog and creating an account on Pinterest.

 My aim is to turn these into a flower garland to hang up at home, like this (pictures and patterns courtesy of Attic 24)

If it turns out OK I may even make some for gifts. I will post piccies of the finished article when its done.

So as I said, I have also been creating an account on Pinterest. For those of you that don't know what it is, Pinterest is a site where you can create online mood boards which can be shared with others. It is a fantastic place to look for inspiration be it for home decor, fashion or crafting.

You can create as many boards as you wish for different topics. Currently I have 10 on the go- some of these are quite sparse as I have only just started. You can also set up a link on your web browser so that if you come across a picture you would like to add to your boards, you can do it instantly.
Feel free to stop by and have a look here. 

All this has been done with Radio 4 extra in the background for company. There is something very comforting about listening to plays and stories on the radio. I'm not sure why- perhaps it's because it brings back memories of listening to talk radio on long car journeys when I was a little girl.
Anyway I have to finish my post here. My lovely friend Caroline is dropping some apples into me later and I think I may just have to rustle up an apple crumble for this evening. I know it will make Steve a very happy bunny if I do.

Hope you enjoy the rest of your day



Lorena (sonido retro UK) on 21 September 2011 at 10:05 said...

Those flowers are super nice! I might be tempted to crochet some in a near future.. I have so many projects in my head, like you my mind keep moving just like a butterfly.
Take care!


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